3 Home Improvement Projects That Can Reduce Your Home’s Value And Sellability

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

Because we know that many people will be kicking-off the New Year by making home improvement plans, we did a blog post in January revealing some of 2021’s biggest home trends. 

It’d be great if any of the ideas make it in your plans as they will enhance the valuation of your home, and also give it more appeal to buyers. This blog can be read here.

And that should always be the end-goal when enhancing a home, because you certainly don’t want any changes made to damage the value or sellability of a house. 

But you will be at risk of doing that if you proceed with some projects, such as these:

Reducing the number of bedrooms

We understand that it doesn’t make much sense to have a completely empty bedroom for months or years on end, when it could be used for something else. 

However, it would be unwise to knock through a bedroom or totally modify the room to the extent where it cannot be returned to its original function. 

People want bedroom space and you’re far more likely to get a better sale price when your home is a 4-bedroom house and hasn’t been downsized into a 3-bedroom house.


Re-carpeting too many rooms

We all have different tastes. What may be a tasteful carpet to you, may be the opposite for other people, and you should bear that in mind when re-carpeting. 

It would be a much better idea to just re-carpet a room when it really needs it, than re-carpeting the entire house to avoid the risk of a new incumbent needing to fork out for a full flooring change if they don’t like the carpet you have chosen. 

At least then a buyer would only have to replace a carpet in one or two rooms.

Carpeted area

Removing your lawn outside

Everybody wants a garden right now, so it wouldn’t make much sense for you to have your lawn taken out. 

We know that it can be tiring when you have to tend to your grassy outdoor area on a frequent basis in the spring and summer months, but losing this lawn could come back to bite you when selling. 

If you really have had enough of it, you could have an artificial lawn put down in its place. Needing no maintenance, artificial grass looks unbelievably real.

Garden swing

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