The industry standard may be 10 years, but we are proud to offer double that. Our 20-year guarantee on all of our living spaces makes your peace of mind our priority.


You may have been dreaming about making your home finally fit for purpose for many years, but choosing to act upon your vision is certainly not an overnight decision. You should ensure the company you choose is reliable and trustworthy.

You may be surprised to learn that many home improvement companies don’t offer a guarantee and some guarantees are not backed by an insurance provider. A stark difference to ERG’s offering as we offer a 20-year guarantee with an insurance backed guarantee (IBG). Each of our living spaces are installed with precision and care, providing homeowners with lasting quality.

Windows Guarantee


A big part of ERG’s Environmental Policy is our 20-year guarantee. With a focus on building quality living spaces, we are reducing the need for over consumption as our projects are intended for life. This way, our customers are happy that they don’t have to replace their living space in the future, and we are doing our bit to help reduce carbon emissions.

We understand that making the choice to invest in your home with a new living space is not a throwaway decision. That’s why it makes sense to go with a company that offers a 20-year guarantee.

Windows Guarantee