3 Home Trends Of 2021 That Can Inspire Your Own Home Makeover

If you have promised yourself that you will modernise your home this year, you want to crack on with the job now before you lose the motivation to do it.

It’s always a good idea to start by looking around for inspiration. This could come from things your friends have done in their own homes, or via interior design blogs.

Knowing the trends of today is important as it prevents you doing anything out-dated and making only the most fashionable changes.

After some in-depth online research, this is what we’ve found to be 3 of the biggest home trends in 2021.


Most of us have dreamt about experiencing life in the countryside at some stage in our lives, and people are bringing elements of that lifestyle into their homes with the cottagecore theme.

Cottagecore very much revolves around comfort and gives us thoughts of green hills, farmlife and cosy cottages – ‘The Darling Buds of May’ is a TV show that encapsulated the aesthetic perfectly.

You can get the cottagecore look by adding floral prints to rooms, displaying vintage china on dressers, and enjoying family meals at a proper wooden farmhouse table.

Home Offices

Office workers were left with no other choice for most of last year but to work from home, and they will be doing the same for much of 2021.

Since WFH became a necessity for many people, requests for home offices have come in thick and fast as some look to give themselves a permanent, dedicated workspace to work in.

If your makeshift office simply isn’t practical enough, get a bespoke home office incorporated into your property that you can put your own personal touch on.


Who would have thought that showing off your shelf would become such a huge craze? It has though, with ‘shelfies’ across the world being posted on social media.

The ‘shelfie’ hashtag is present all over Instagram and you’ll see that it gets used to highlight fancy shelfs with coloured objects, varying from ceramics and porcelain to decorative plates and candles, on them.

For a snazzy ‘shelfie’, work out a pretty formation of items, and have their colours work well against one other, ahead of the final snap.

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