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Double Glazed Windows And Roofline In Muir Of Ord

Double Glazed Windows And Roofline In Muir Of Ord

Low-maintenance double glazed windows and roofline have transformed this Scottish bungalow.

ERG Scotland was delighted to assist Mr Smith, a resident of Muir of Ord, in enhancing the comfort and functionality of his home. Living alone in his house for nearly a decade, Mr Smith sought a solution to reduce maintenance tasks and enhance his overall living experience.

Mr Smith learned about ERG Scotland through the glowing recommendations of two of his neighbours, who had both experienced our services. The key factors that led Mr Smith to choose us were our reputation for quality and being a local, trusted company.

Double Glazed Windows And Roofline

In his quest for the right home improvement partner, Mr Smith also got quotes from other companies as well as ERG. However, what set us apart was the no-pressure approach and the fair pricing offered by our team. This allowed Mr Smith to make a decision without feeling rushed.

Mr Smith opted for double glazed windows and some roofline. His primary objective was to reduce maintenance tasks associated with his home. At his age, he wanted to avoid the hassle of painting and staining windows, making durability and low-maintenance a top priority.

Double Glazed Windows And Roofline

Despite it snowing while the installation was going on, the snow did not cause any issues during the installation process. Commencing work on a Monday, and by Thursday, the entire bungalow had been beautifully transformed. Throughout the process, Mr Smith continued to be impressed with our friendly and accommodating staff, reinforcing the positive experience he had with ERG Scotland.

The installation of our double glazed windows and roofline have made a significant difference in Mr Smith’s home. The new windows have contributed to improved insulation, resulting in a cosier and more comfortable living environment. Additionally, he noticed a reduction in outside noise, with the bin lorry’s rumble being notably less intrusive when it passed down his street.

Double Glazed Windows And Roofline

When asked about advice for others embarking on a similar home improvement journey, Mr Smith emphasised the importance of seeking quality products and efficient businesses. His own experience with ERG Scotland aligned with these criteria, providing him with a satisfying and practical solution for his home.

ERG Scotland’s commitment to quality, the professionalism of its installation team, and the tangible improvements to Mr Smith’s home have left him not only a satisfied customer but also an advocate for the company. Mr Smith has already recommended ERG Scotland to others, underlining our ability to provide durable, low-maintenance solutions that enhance both comfort and the overall quality of life in one’s home.

Double Glazed Windows And Roofline
“Everyone I have been in contact with from ERG Scotland has been so polite and very helpful. They got on with the job and gave me all the information I needed.”


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