Why No Homecation Would Be Complete Without Some Bi-Folding Doors

Just like last year, many Scottish families will be choosing to take a homecation this summer as travel restrictions limit the number of countries you can visit for a holiday. 

Bi-Folding Doors Maximise Views To Garden

Some of those who holidayed at home last year will have prepared for this summer by getting bi-folding doors fitted. 

That may seem slightly random, but when you explain why they’re taking this course of action, it all becomes a lot more clear, and may well encourage you to do the same in time for your homecation. 

Give you the perfect blend of the outdoors and indoors

The whole house needs using during any homecation, whether it’s the living room for playing any indoor games, or the outdoors for trying to get a tan. 

To get a magical mix of the two environments, install bi-folding doors where your home connects to your garden and leave them open in the daytime. 

You will love how they completely open out your house, and so will the kids as it will give them loads of space to run around. 

Provide ventilation

It’s not very often that we get a heatwave in Scotland, but this could be the year, you just never know! 

Should that happen and temperatures reach the 30 mark, you will need to ventilate your indoor living space and that’s where a bi-folding door will come into its own. 

Spanning up to 7 panes wide, the opening of a bi-folding, large or small, will bring lots of fresh in to cool the space down. 

Help with outdoor eating

Eating outside at different restaurants is a must on a foreign holiday, and you can still dine outdoors at home each night, having a barbecue on more than one occasion. 

Play chef and grill chicken, beef, pork and whatever other meats satisfy your palette, and dish them out in the open air, where the family can sit out together. 

As for the bi-folds, they will be handy for giving you a clear opening into the kitchen so that you can take plates, cutlery and anything else outside without the slightest bit of difficulty. 

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