How To Make Your Front Door Look Insta-Worthy

It’s not just photos of being on holiday or eating fancy food that people like to post on their Instagram accounts. Many of them also like to show off a shot of their front door.

To see some examples of this, just enter one or both of the following hashtags into the social media site – #frontdoor or #frontdoors.

Once you do, your page will be full of some of the most beautiful front doors you will ever come across, stunning designs that users have really paid strong attention to.

Your front door can be made to look just as Insta-worthy, and we can talk you through how it’s achievable:

Coloured finish

The colour of your front door will be one of the most crucial features, so choose your colour wisely when buying a new front door or applying a new coloured finish to an old front door.

It will come as no surprise to you that most people opt for a grey, white or black door, but you do see a lot of other coloured front doors around, such as Chartwell Green or Duck Egg Blue.

If you’re really brave, you could have a pink door, however, we would recommend a muted pink, rather than a bright pink!

Door wreath

When using the aforementioned hashtags, many of the front doors that appear towards the top will have a door wreath on them, even in summer.

You could give yourself the challenge of making your own wreath and follow an online tutorial as an aid, or if that sounds too much like hard work, just go out and buy a premade wreath, one that’s real or fake.

Any summer wreath should include colours like orange, pink and red. Change to an autumn wreath, once it comes around.


And it’s not just wreaths that people use to draw emphasis to their front doors. Some also like to install planters, one on each side of a door.

By far the most popular form of planter is the twin potted bay tree, which you will see next to so many front doors, nicely manicured, of course.

It will just be important that you keep watering your planters, so that they don’t die out and spoil the appearance of your front door.

No-one could be left unimpressed by the stylishness of the front doors in the ERG range. View our replacement door collection here.


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