How To Make Working From Home A Simple Job

There might be a bit less traffic on the roads during peak-times in the future as an increasing number of companies are now going to let their employees work from home, rather than make them travel into the office.

Working from home on a part-time or permanent basis will be no excuse for taking your foot off the gas and letting your productivity slip – no way!

To make sure that doesn’t happen, if you’ve been given the option of homeworking, you need the right attitude and also a great workspace.

Balhousie can advise on the workspace bit:

French / Patio / Bi-Folding Doors

Throughout the working year, you want your workspace to capture lots of natural light as exposure to it will keep you alert and well-energised.

Considering the installation of French, patio or bi-folding doors into a suitable section of the room that meets with the outdoors to give the sun a route inside.

Working inside when it’s lovely outside can be difficult. Use the doors to create an opening to sort that and get the feel of the outdoors.

Roof Lantern / Skylight

To totally flood the room with light during daytime hours, see if you can have a skylight or roof lantern incorporated into the ceiling, which will cover a vast distance.

Glass is the main constituent in most modern skylights and roof lanterns, so you can expect the place to be brilliantly illuminated because of the presence of either product.

And if you’ve ever seen a skylight or roof lantern in-situ, you will know they are a fabulous sight.

Home Office Extension

Some of those who will be regularly working from home from now on have decided to invest in a home office extension for their property.

This private workspace can include features like bi-folding doors and a roof lantern, as well as other critical requirements e.g. a proper desk and storage for paperwork.

Those you live with will know that as soon as you go into your office, they’re to leave you alone because you will be in full work-mode.

ERG can take care of any door installation you need to improve your chosen workspace. Take a look at our suite of replacement doors here.


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