How To Improve Your Home’s Valuation In 3 Ways

It’s taken three-and-a-half years, but the UK has finally exited the European Union, which amongst many other things, we can only hope will bring some stability to our housing market.

Since the original vote to leave, back in 2016, there has been so much uncertainty, and it saw many householders put plans to move on the backburner.

If you’re one of these householders, now could be the time to make that move. But getting a strong sale price may require you to make some improvements.

A simple cleaning of the house and tidying of the garden can make a difference but adding serious value to the place demands more than just that.

Wow those estate agents with three enhancements we know will put plenty of pounds on it:

  1. Loft conversion

Is your loft largely sitting empty and a decent size? It could be converted into anything from an extra bedroom to an office space, which when done well, can reputedly add 10% to 12.5% to the value of your home.

It will save you needing to expand your home, if you don’t have the capacity to do that, using the space you already have for a different purpose.

Generally, you won’t need planning permission for a loft conversion either as it will come under Permitted Development Rights.

No loft space, but own a basement? Convert that instead!

  1. Install a conservatory

When you’re able to expand the house, a conservatory or orangery would be the extension of our choosing to inflate your house price by at least 5 per cent.

It must be energy efficient though. What you don’t want is an extension that comes off second best to the weather and can barely be used.

You can avoid that scenario by insisting on the inclusion of a solid roof.

This lightweight roof covering will keep it well-insulated throughout the entire year, and you can colour match the tiles/slates to your current roof.

  1. Fit a new kitchen

Kitchens have taken over from the traditional sitting room as the place where families go to when they want to catch-up together and watch TV. The days of just cooking in there have long gone.

Any modern kitchen design you have installed should have an on-trend colour scheme and include a stylish kitchen island, pretty worktops, smart storage, up-to-the-minute appliances etc.

How much a new kitchen will add varies, but it has the potential to inject up to 6%.

Very quickly, you will find yourself spending more time in there than anywhere else in the house (other than your bed, of course). 


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