How To Help Your Home Capture Lots Of Natural Light

3 ways of enticing more natural light into your home

We’re almost there now, spring has almost sprung, which is a definite cause for celebration after a tough winter. 

Hopefully, it will herald some nicer weather pretty quickly, and we’re assured of longer days, a chance for you to capitalise on added hours of daylight.

You can do that with your home with a few little changes here and there. This will put you in the brightest of moods when indoors and do your mental wellbeing the world of good. 

ERG’s best tips for doing it are as follows:

The inside of a window

Get slimline windows fitted

It’s your windows that drive the light of the sun into your living space and if you had windows with a greater volume of glass than at present, it will inevitably lead to more light entering. 

There are lots of replacement windows on the market, many of which are sold by Balhousie, that have unbelievably slender frames to allow a vast glass expanse to sit in them. 

Slimline windows still offer a huge amount of resilience, so you won’t be downgrading your home security with their installation. They’ll actually bolster it and make a potential break-in less likely.

An extension with patio doors

Do some gardening

You will, of course, have to now start mowing the lawn again, but that won’t have any impact on light transference. 

What will though is either removing or cutting back any trees, bushes and plants that are directly in front of your windows and perhaps stopping the sun from filtering through as much as it could be doing.

A skylight in an extension

Install a skylight or roof windows

The sky is there to be exploited too and there’s plenty of it! 

Consider having a skylight or roof windows integrated into any room that fails to receive much light and is dark and uninviting. Roof windows also have an opening function, so they would be great for ventilation when it’s a warm day. 

Walking into a space with a newly fitted skylight for the first time is a moment you are never likely to forget as it is a huge covering and one that causes a mass flood of light internally thanks to its crisp lines and angles.

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