How To Get Your Home Looking And Feeling Cottage-Like

The weather is beginning to get bleak and when it gets that way, you need your home to provide the utmost comfort and cosiness.

It will do if it has the look and feel of a cottage, which will make spending time indoors over the winter anything but a chore and something that you relish.

Virtually any kind of house can channel a cottage-like atmosphere, from period properties to modern developments, if it has the touches that are associated with a quaint cottage in the countryside.

The feel: create a toasty home interior

You need to get the right amount of warmth inside your living space in order to make it reminiscent of a cottage interior.

Turning on the fire will instantly sort that and you could have numerous thick throws and blankets laid out on any settee and armchairs that family members can use to wrap up cosy. Most importantly, you must have energy efficient windows and doors installed to aid with heat retention.

You don’t want your heating constantly on full blast and you shouldn’t need to as these windows and doors will minimise heat loss.

As a consequence of this, you will also profit from affordable energy bills, with you being able to turn your heating off at times.

The look: be inspired by cottagecore

After perfecting the temperature, you need to then put your focus into transforming your decor.

In this instance, the cottagecore aesthetic would be the theme to follow, one that centres around idyllic countryside living. UK home renovators have gone crazy for cottagecore over the last year or so, loving the comforting feel it exudes at a time of uncertainty due to the effects of the pandemic.

Any cottagecore inspired interior must feature lots of floral patterns. You can bring those floral patterns and prints into your space through your soft furnishings e.g. curtains and valances, wallpaper and antique drawer knobs.

Pastel colours are also faithful to the theme, so why not ask for a pale, soft finish for any new windows and doors installed.

ERG Scotland can provide a suitable set of replacement windows and doors to help you nail the cottage look. View our offerings in our Windows & Doors brochure here.


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