How To Add A Summery Feel To Inside Of Your Property

We don’t want the nice weather to end! It’s been so welcome after what was a pretty wet and cold May, and a very tough winter. A glorious summer would go down very nicely. 

You will probably have noticed that when it’s light, warm and sunny, it makes you feel like you have more energy and enthusiasm than you would have when it’s dark and dreary. Research has also proved that being exposed to the sun is also good for your mind and helping you keep a clear head. 

Based on that, you don’t want to miss out on any great weather when you’re inside your house, because summer won’t be here forever. 

To bring the sunshine indoors, take these steps:

Clean your windows

It’s your windows that draw in light, or at least they should do. Maximise how much light they entice into your rooms by keeping on top of cleaning them, both internally and externally. Pay the window cleaner to do it if you don’t have time. 

Some light may be kept out if you have thick curtains – even fully open, they could block out some of the sun. Just take them down until winter and install thinner curtains. 

Going back to your windows. If your house overheats in a heatwave, look at upgrading to energy efficient windows to put a stop to that.

An opened UPVC window

Install bi-folding doors

We get lots of requests for our bi-folding doors at this time of year and it’s easy to understand why. Largely made up of glass, these gorgeous doors will brighten up any space beyond belief. 

However much you open them, bi-folds create an outdoor feel indoors, and the vast glazed sections provide you with a stunning external view when they’re shut and you’re either standing or sitting close to them. 

Bi-folding doors are also handy for ventilation and you can determine exactly how much fresh air they allow in.

Bi-folding doors in an extension

Add some nature

We value nature much more now than we did prior to the pandemic, that’s for certain. Our outdoor spaces became invaluable, but it’s tough for anyone who doesn’t have an outdoor area they can enjoy. 

Many of those without a garden have established a connection with nature in their property by adding houseplants to countertops, tables and floors. The favoured form of houseplants tend to be succulents, ferns and orchids. 

You will benefit from cleaner air because of the presence of houseplants as they will purify it, removing any air pollutants that are present indoors.

A living space with bi-folding doors

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