How To Achieve A Big Reduction On Your Energy Bills

January is an unfavourable month for most as finances tend to be tight after the expense of Christmas. What won’t help is if the cost of your energy bill is becoming too much. 

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Partly due to how much extra energy is being used in homes because of the numbers of people working from home, experts have said the average fuel bill will be around £171 more expensive this year. 

Can you afford to pay an additional £171? We know that the likely answer will be “no”. 

What you need to do to avoid that scenario is use these steps towards enjoying cheaper energy costs:

Get on the right energy tariff

When was the last time you did an energy price-check? If you’ve never done it, it’s almost certain you’re paying too much for energy. 

It will take you a matter of minutes to find a better tariff on a comparison site, and the switching process has been simplified in recent years, so it’s completely hassle-free. 

Someone switching for the first-time could be looking at an annual saving of £300+. If you’ve switched before, look to do it again if there’s a cheaper deal out there. 

Get a replacement boiler

You also need an efficient boiler to keep your energy bills manageable. A very old boiler will have a poor thermal efficiency rating, and it will need regular maintenance to keep running. 

It will seem a big financial demand to buy a new boiler, but try not to look at it like that, and instead focus on the huge savings you will make as a result of its installation. 

Put it like this. The Energy Saving Trust has said an A-rated boiler will save you £340 every year for 15+ years. 

Get energy efficient windows and doors

Energy efficient windows and doors are an absolute must for heat retention. If you have ageing windows and doors, they could be responsible for letting so much heat escape. 

This overall heat loss could be reduced by up to 75% with the installation of energy efficient windows and doors specified to the highest specification. 

They should perform for as long as 20 years, so the savings made from their fitting could eventually total thousands.

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