Get Your Home Halloween-Ready With Our Spooktacular Decorating Ideas

We hate to frighten you but Halloween is only a couple of weeks away now. Every year, more and more Scots get into the spirit by decorating their homes for it, and so should you!

You don’t need mountains of money to do it, or to be clambering up on the roof to add some scary touches. No, you can easily make it spook out the neighbourhood cheaply and with minimum effort.

Your windows and front door are the places to focus on making boo-tiful, and we can share some decorating ideas that will give the house a gory and ghoulish look.

Display an autumnal door wreath

You are spooktacularly wrong if you think that adding a wreath to your front door should only be done at Christmas. Nowadays, you see them on doors throughout the year, especially in autumn.

Etsy has a fantastic selection of autumn wreaths if you want a premade wreath, or buy some wire, collect some fallen leaves from outside and make an autumn wreath yourself.

Create an eerie-looking entrance

What will really give people the creeps is an entrance with an eerie-feel to it.

Pumpkins at the front door are obligatory and can be picked at your local pumpkin patch. Once they’re home, help your kids carve their pumpkins with a serrated knife, taping some scary template to them as a guide. Light the designs up by popping some battery-powered tea lights into them.

Also put down a Halloween-inspired doormat, one that says ‘Hey, Pumpkin!’ or ‘Turn Back Now’.

Illuminate your windows

As for your windows, how about installing string lights around them that have red and orange bulbs? The glow from them at night will make your Halloweeny house stand out.

Use your window sills too, placing several mason jars on them that are filled with fairy lights, which will help generate a cosy atmosphere indoors, just what you want when curled up on the sofa watching Harry Potter or Hocus Pocus.

When getting up-close to your windows and front to decorate them you may arrive at the decision that they need replacing for the winter. Contact ERG Scotland for a FREE window or door quote.


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