Get Two Decades Of Cover – ERG Offers A 20-Year Guarantee

We are often asked by customers why they should choose us ahead of the many other home improvement companies that also trade in our service areas.

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We can offer many reasons. Our longevity in the industry would be one of them. 

It really is some achievement for a business like ours to have lasted for over 40 years and still be going strong. You wouldn’t believe how many competitors have fallen by the wayside over that period. 

The reputation we have amongst local householders is also really good. People often recommend us to their friends and family, and send in letters and emails of gratitude. 

We never stand still either. New products are constantly being added to our range, and we have solutions for all house types, new or old. 

And all of this is before we even mention our guarantee. 

If you do your homework on home improvement companies, you will find that the majority of them only provide a 10-year guarantee with their products. 

We can do a lot better than that at ERG – our guarantee lasts for 20 years.

It genuinely is an industry-leading guarantee because hardly anyone can match it, and it was an easy decision to make it 20 years long.

When you use materials and components with the quality that we do, and have such advanced manufacturing technology and a skilled team to build our products, you know they will endure. 

Before anything is made available to our customers, we also do a lot of intense testing to check that our products are not liable to fail inside the guarantee period.

Of course, as much as try to, it can be difficult to make everything perfect. 

Sometimes, a customer may experience an issue with a product, but with 20 years of cover, they know that it will be fixed for FREE during that time. This is the extent of aftercare you can anticipate, if you need it. 

If finding out about our 20-year guarantee has persuaded you to use ERG for your home improvement needs, get in touch


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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