Did You Know We Offer A 20 Year Guarantee?

Yes, you have read that right and your eyes aren’t deceiving you! ERG Scotland is proud to be one of only a select group of home improvement companies in the whole of the UK to offer customers a 20 year guarantee.

Double Glazing

We better explain why that is unusual to those unfamiliar with the typical length of cover given to customers.

Normally, at the very best, you can expect to receive a 10 year guarantee when buying any new windows, doors or a luxury lifestyle extension from so-called specialists in this hugely competitive field.

To us, that doesn’t seem enough – customers deserve more for their money.

ERG Scotland believes that a 20 year guarantee is the minimum amount of cover they should be given, if only for the leap of faith they are making when entrusting our team with their new home improvements.

Brilliant build-quality

We wouldn’t dream of outdoing the majority of the competition with our 20 guarantee if we didn’t truly believe that our products can last for at least two decades.

They definitely can as we are extremely meticulous when crafting and finishing our entire suite of windows, doors, conservatories, and everything we sell.

Our installation skills are also about the best you will come across and, of course, we test everything to the extreme before making a product available to the buying public – we have to be completely convinced by the endurance of our solutions.

Putting the environment first

Another reason why a 20 year guarantee will only do for ERG is because we also want to help preserve the planet.

Enabling householders to keep their new windows and doors in place for longer than the norm suppresses carbon emissions and the overconsumption of windows and doors.

You will also be doing your bit for Mother Earth by buying them.


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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