Did You Know We Do Bespoke Glass Designs?

ERG is best known in Scotland for its beautifully crafted conservatories, windows and doors, and less notorious for our bespoke glass service.

Specialist Bespoke Glazing

Fashioning personalised, cutting-edge glazed solutions on behalf of our customers is something we’ve been doing for just as long, and just as successfully.

We can turn our hand to various types of glass-based products for residential homes, including non-reflective picture glass, splashbacks, clan crests, roof lanterns, table tops, shelving, greenhouse and horticultural glass, providing them in all shapes and sizes and also in a coloured, moulded, embossed or engraved form.

You’re assured of something that’s completely unique, and in some cases, highly unusual.

Custom-designed glass is definitely worth consideration if you like the idea of e.g. transforming your existing shower cubicle into a stylish frameless enclosure, fancy a glass staircase you can traverse down or you want a glass dining table that’s certain to become a major talking-point at mealtimes.

Smaller projects can also be taken on by our gifted glass experts.

An understated or dramatic mirror will command attention in any internal space and doesn’t have to be an object you just look into.

For protection against splashes and spills in your kitchen or bathroom, a glass splashback will keep your wall unblemished, while also being an aesthetically-pleasing feature that has a pretty glossy finish.

Don’t be afraid to really challenge us whether it’s within your current or new home that you wish to use bespoke glass to make a statement – ERG thrives at taking on the role of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with glass.

Clear, patterned, mirror, satin, laminated, fire-resistant, picture, bevelled, polished, toughened, frosted or wired glass, we’re capable of producing a glazed item you will completely treasure.


Make an appointment with ERG to find out what else our bespoke glass service covers.  


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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