3 Potential Uses Of A New Home Extension

Have you committed in your head to having an extension build onto your home this year? Why is it that you want one? And, also, how do you envisage the extension being used?

Home Extension Dining Room & Lounge

Most people decide to extend because they want more space to do the things they enjoy and to add a new dimension to their house. 

As far as how they intend to use their extension, that can vary.

Maybe they want their own pool room away from the pub, or a place they can comfortably and efficiently work from home. 

We have constructed many home extensions in our time, and found that these are the three most typical uses of one of our extensions:


You live quite an old-fashioned lifestyle if your traditional lounge remains your prime living spot as kitchens are now very much the central point in many UK homes. 

Follow this growing trend and switch to frequent kitchen living by getting a kitchen extension fitted, inclusive of features like a breakfast bar, a kitchen island, multiple worktops and fresh new appliances. Then, you can both take in your evening meals in the kitchen and also rest your legs. 

Dining Room

It feels like a distant memory since we could last invite people over for dinner, but those days will return again. 

In anticipation of that, you could turn your new extension into a luxury dining space so that you’re ready to play host for a throng of dinner guests as soon as we’re permitted to. 

For an occasion like that, you will have to cook your very best dish, which will be an amazing way to christen the new space. 


Lounges are still much coveted though, which we can only put down to people’s desire to make the most of the down time they get during the nights and weekends. 

If your existing lounge is small in size, you want to create a new lounge where there’s room for everyone to sink back into a chair or sofa and take it easy in perfect comfort. 

When it comes to the designing of the lounge, request that it receives as much natural light as possible to make it lovely and inviting.

We’ve only touched the surface of potential uses of our extensions. To discuss more of them, reach out to the ERG team for a chat.


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