3 Home Improvement Ideas For The More Compact Home

It’s no wonder that so many householders grumble about desperately needing more space in their house as over the last 40 years, the average size of a new-build house in the UK has shrunk by 20%.

Why has this happened? The simple explanation is that it means it costs housing developers less money to construct properties and that they can build more of them.

To overcome any space-related issues you have in your home, you need to make use of every inch of space that you have and keep it free of clutter.

You should also employ tricks that make it feel bigger, and also look bigger too. We can let you into some of these tricks:

Install mirrors in rooms

The use of mirrors around your house can create the illusion that your home isn’t compact, if you place them in the right places and install the right kind of mirrors.

Avoid buying small mirrors, and instead opt for large mirrors that have a small surround, putting them up near a window, if you can, and not too close to a ceiling’s edge or another wall.

You want the centre of any mirror to be at the eye-level of a person of average size, not any lower or higher.

Change to a light colour scheme

Another top tip is to reflect the natural light that passes into rooms, and the best way of achieving this is to revert to a lighter colour scheme than you may currently have.

It could be a brilliant white finish, or if that’s too unambitious for you, try an off-white shade, which will add warmth and have a similarly effective impact.

If you decide to repaint your walls, it’s worth repainting the ceiling, trims and doors within the room as well.

Fit bi-folds, French or patio doors

Do you have any outdoor space that you can take advantage of? Extend your home into the garden by getting bi-folding, French or patio doors fitted that you can open in the spring and summer.

Any opening that you generate with these doors will also result in natural light filling your interior, which will, again, make it feel spacious.

Kept closed, they will still transport the sun indoors as each of these door styles has fantastically slender framework and really large glass panes.

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