3 Easy Bits Of DIY To Do At Your Home This Summer

You may shudder at the thought of doing DIY as it doesn’t come naturally to everyone and you might be the type of person who would far rather get someone in to do it for you.

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But not all DIY is hard. Much of it is straightforward and can be done by anyone. 

How could you look to improve your home on your own? Have a walk around the house and see what springs to mind. Even a few minor enhancements can have a big impact, and you’ll be glad you did them, and you’ll feel a sense of achievement. 

If it helps to get you started, ERG has some DIY ideas that you can definitely take on this summer without a problem:

Refresh the look of your cabinets

Once the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom begin to lose their appearance, they can let down the entire room. Don’t let them do that!

Retain the units if they’re still in good condition, and just repaint their surface in a new colour, or do the alternative, and reface the outer skin, replacing any untidy or broken hardware during the process.

They will look as good as new, and so will the room that they’re in. It’ll barely cost you anything to do, and be an environmentally-friendly update.

Create a photo gallery

Do you have a bare feature wall in your living room that you’d somehow like to decorate? Turn it into a gallery of photos with a certain theme.

The most obvious theme would be to add lots of family photographs, pictures that really mean something to everyone living in the house. Otherwise, how about hanging some snaps of your favourite sport stars, or work by your favourite artists. 

Be careful how you hang them so they don’t damage the wall, and use various types of frames, with varied shapes, colours and sizes.

Use old pallets for garden purposes

You mustn’t leave out your garden when doing your DIY. That needs some loving too!

If you have any old pallets gathering dust in the garage or loft, use them to your advantage and upcycle them, rather than doing nothing and taking up valuable space.

They can be adapted into vertical planters which you can use for growing plants upwards, ideal if you have limited space in your garden for growing. The other option is to create a wooden bench with the pallets and then apply padded cushioning to it so that it offers comfortable seating.

Of course, some home improvement projects are too advanced for DIY, such as the fitting of new windows and doors. Leave that to the professionals, like ERG. Contact us for assistance with that.


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