Will The Addition Of Triple Glazing Give You A Quieter Home?

As the population grows, so does the amount of noise in the world, and regular exposure to noise can drive you round the bend. One of the last places you want to be overly disturbed by it is when you’re in your home. 

It can wake you up in the mornings, stop you enjoying your favourite shows on TV and make unwinding in the garden an impossible job. This can all have a major impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

What do you do? Sticking cotton wool in your ears isn’t a logical long-term solution, but what would be is the installation of triple glazed windows. 

Many window suppliers advertise triple glazed windows as ‘noise-reducing’, but they will only deliver on that promise if they are specified in a certain way. 

That’s all down to the glass used in a triple glazed window. 

Each of the three panes must be thick, but here’s the crucial thing. They must have different thicknesses, as panes of all the same thickness will have very little effect. 

It’s also essential that a large air gap is present within each of the panes. 

What else is important is that you don’t have trickle vents in your triple glazed windows as they can allow noise to enter into a house. And, obviously, the windows need to be installed properly, with no air gaps around them, which you can be assured of when ERG is behind their installation. 

Be conscious that it might not just be your current windows at fault for letting in so much external noise. 

It could be sneaking through your roof, walls and floors too. Do a recce of the house to determine where noise is getting in, as the last thing you want is to get new windows fitted and it makes little difference. 

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