Why We Rely On UPVC For Crafting Our Home Improvement Solutions

If you explore our full product range in store or online, you will discover that we use UPVC to manufacture windows, doors, conservatories and roofline – so that’s virtually everything we offer. 

White UPVC Windows

While a lot of people have heard of UPVC, not many actually know much more about it than that. For instance, do you know that UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or that it was first developed in 1935? 

UPVC didn’t really come into the public consciousness until the 1980’s, the time of the double glazing boom, when UPVC windows and doors were made widely available to consumers. 

Four decades on and UPVC-crafted windows and doors are still big sellers, and it’s unsurprising when you consider the many benefits that they provide to homeowners. 

One of the biggest selling-points is the affordability of UPVC products, which tend to be less costly than aluminium-based and hardwood solutions. 

The resilience of UPVC is another of its most notable assets. 

Very rarely will the robustness of a UPVC window, door or conservatory diminish as it gets older, and the reason for that is because of the vinyl polymer within the material, which binds chlorine atoms to the frame. It isn’t like pure plastic, and it’s also compatible with steel. 

As an insulator, UPVC takes some beating. 

Your modern UPVC window, door or conservatory has a very impressive thermal efficiency rating, as required by current building regulations, ensuring that it delivers guaranteed warmth.  

When you think of UPVC, a plain white colour springs to mind. While white-coloured windows and doors were about all you could get in the past, nowadays there are many different colour options for UPVC products, including windows and doors with a woodgrain effect, if you want them to emulate the look of timber. 

In terms of maintenance, there’s hardly any of it required with UPVC. It doesn’t need repainting as whenever the material gets dirty, you can just wipe it down with a wet cloth to leave it looking clean again. 

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