Try Cut Your Energy Bills With Our Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Invest in energy efficient windows and doors to cut your energy costs

There’s never been a time like it before if you’re a homeowner, with the prices of almost everything up, including a frightening rise in household energy costs. 

The beginning of April heralded a massive increase in the energy price cap from £1277 to £1971, marking a 54% rise. 

The price cap will go up again in October, estimated to hit £2600+. 

With very few cheap energy deals around, what do you do? 

Being more conscious about the energy you consume will help, as may getting energy efficient windows and doors installed, preferably ahead of October.

We’ll go into the importance of them.

Energy Efficient Windows

If your current windows aren’t insulating your home properly, they could be a major cause of heat loss. 

The easiest ways to identify if your windows are contributing to heat loss is to look out for any signs of mould or moisture, cracks within the sealant, and to also stand close to them to see if you can feel any kind of draught. 

Products, such as UPVC Extreme windows, could minimise heat loss and may also heat your space using the warmth of the sun, resulting in a potentially good annual energy saving.

An energy efficient window

Energy Efficient Doors

An outdated front or rear door can also be a major source of heat loss. You can do the same tests as previously mentioned to uncover if your door/s is allowing heat to escape. 

In a push to make homes more energy efficient, all replacement doors must have a minimum U-value of 1.8 W/m². You want a door with a low U-value to both meet Building Regulations and offer a high standard of insulation. 

Every door sold at ERG has an impressively low U-value, so similar to our energy efficient windows, they might reduce your heating costs.

An energy efficient door

Supplied with a 20-year guarantee, double the industry standard, the energy savings you hopefully make because of the outstanding performance offered by our windows and doors could be substantial. 

Get a quote organised for them today. You will be glad that you did.


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