The Benefits of Replacing Your Existing Conservatory Roof with A Solid Roof

If you go from not being able to use your conservatory in the summer because it’s too hot to not being able to use it in the winter because it’s too cold, then a new conservatory solid roof could be the solution to your problems.

Replacement Ultraroof With French Doors

A poor roofing system can be the root cause of many thermal efficiency problems that can result in your conservatory being rendered inhabitable. But if you dream of using your conservatory for a cosy Christmas dinner in the winter and fun family BBQ’s in the summer, all is not lost, the installation of a solid roof can ignite the use of your conservatory once more.

Using your conservatory all year round is clearly a huge benefit, but there’s more too!

Lower Heating Costs

The improved insulation gained from a solid roof will lead to a reduced reliance on heating which will save you money on your heating bills. Some customers have even saved as much as the original cost of the new roof!

Authentic Aesthetics

There’s a choice of either lightweight tiles or slates for your new solid roof, both are modelled on traditional roof coverings and come in a range of authentic colours which will blend perfectly with the look of the existing conservatory, and even the rest of your house.  

Excellent Natural Lighting

Don’t worry, a new solid roof won’t compromise natural light – there are a range of roof window options that can be incorporated into your design to allow natural light to flood in. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cosy feel, some roofs have the option to integrate spotlights.

Restores Value

A thermally efficient conservatory can add on average 7% to a property’s value, but an unusable one can decrease its value considerably. Despite what you might think, the installation of a solid roof is hassle free, with most of the work taking place offsite before it even reaches your home.

Most of the time it only takes us a few hours to make a solid roof watertight and finalising the fitting only takes a few days.

If you’re looking to update to a solid roof, the ERG team can provide all sorts of inspiration and advice, just get in touch for a FREE quote.


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