How To Get Planning Permission Organised When You Need It

One major benefit of appointing ERG Scotland for home improvement projects that potentially need planning permission, such as the installation of a home extension or porch, is that we will help you out with it. 

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We will also have a good idea of whether planning permission is likely, based on our experience and knowledge.

But it’s still useful for you to know exactly how you go about obtaining planning permission, just so you are informed on the matter. 

The quickest and easier way to discover if you need planning permission is to get in touch with your local authority. The planning department there should be able to advise you, and let you know everything that will be required in the application. 

If informed that planning permission is necessary, an application needs to be put together, which must include information about the proposed improvement, like where it is going to be situated, along with any plans and drawings.

You can organise an application for planning permission online, where you can also calculate how much it will cost to submit the application. 

After its submission, the details of the application will be publicised on the Planning Authority’s website and any neighbours that live in close proximity to you will be notified. 

It normally takes a maximum of two months for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision to be given, and a number of considerations will be made before the final decision is made. 

You do have the option of appealing if you feel a planning application has been unfairly rejected. 

Like we say though, rather than trying to sort planning permission yourself, it’s far easier and far less stressful to just leave it to us. 

For now, all you need to do is request a FREE quote from ERG Scotland, and then we can deal with the rest.


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