How To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Entrance

How to modernise your entrance

It’s difficult not to form an opinion of a house just on how it looks from the outside – we all have a tendency to do it.

If this tells you anything, it’s that you must make sure that your entrance is looking the best it possibly can be, which won’t just earn your home lots of praise from other people. It will also improve the value of the property and make you that little bit prouder of it.

Wide range of colours

Change your front door

Your eyes automatically get drawn towards a front door when on the approach to a house, so if your existing front door isn’t in peak condition, approach ERG Scotland for one of our stunning replacement doors.

It will add style, kerb appeal and rejuvenate things more than you ever could imagine.

When you have found a design you love, the next step is to choose a coloured finish for it. White is a traditional choice, so if you want something more modern, you can’t go wrong with a grey shade -it’s really fashionable. You can have a dual-coloured door if you want a different finish inside and out.

Dress your door

Put plants on show

At this time of year, it’s great to have some colour in your entrance and you could do that by having plants frame your front door.

The common trend is to put a pair of topiary trees next to your door, with one standing at each side of it, both neatly trimmed and manicured.

We’d keep it to just a couple of plants as too many plants may take the focus away from your front door.

Finishing touches

Think about door furniture

We have dedicated hardware suites for each door range sold at ERG and they include a varied mix of handles and knockers, amongst other adornments.

In these suites there are door knockers with classic styles e.g. with a lion’s face, as well as modern handles like chrome bars and rings, if you want a minimalist and simplistic look.

It’s also fashionable to have an oversized number plate, fixed to your door or on one of the walls next to it.

If you put any or all of these ideas into practice, you will be left with an entrance that commands lots of positive attention, the exact result you want.

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