ERG’s Short Guide To Buying New Replacement Windows

There is an awful lot at stake when you are looking to have your old windows taken out and replaced with an up-to-the-minute window design.

The new windows must successfully complement your property and enhance its stylishness. You also want them to offer enough security to keep the place secure, and provide a higher standard of thermal efficiency so that the cost of your energy bills is brought down.

A first-time window buyer may not know where to start. To help those people, and anyone else in the process of buying new windows, we have put together some window buying advice so that you get the right replacements and not the wrong ones.

Window style

Have you decided on a window style? There are many different types of window style available and it’s important to choose one that matches your home’s character.

Window styles include casement windows (this classic style is one of the most popular), bay and bow windows (used a lot at period properties) and tilt and turn windows (how they operate makes cleaning them so simple).

Seek inspiration by looking at other houses in your area to see what style they have, and pick a style with functionality that suits.

Window material

Some window specialists still offer timber windows, but the most common windows you will find in their product range are UPVC windows and aluminium windows. Both materials are good insulators.

You would be surprised at how affordable it is to buy UPVC windows, which will never be liable to rot or corrode as it is a weather-resistant material.

Aluminium windows have an altogether different look, as their frames are slimmer and that’s why they incorporate a higher volume of glass than UPVC windows. The finish they have is powder-coated.

Window installer

There will be many window installers you can appoint, but you want to make sure that you get one that offers quality windows and quality installation.

The best resource, as it is for most things, is the Internet. Search for local window installers and try and find any reviews of their work so you can judge whether they have a good reputation.

When looking at their company website, see if they have any industry accreditations. For example, ERG is a well-established member of the Consumer Protection Association, giving you great peace of mind.

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