Double Glazing Or Triple Glazing – Which Of The Two Does Your Home Need?

When in the process of buying new windows for your home, there are decisions to be made in terms of the type of window style and colour you want, and also whether you want the design to be double or triple glazed. 

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Double and triple glazed windows are included in our product range, so we are well-placed to give you some detail about them both, should you be struggling to choose between the two. 

What we’re about to do is tell you how they fare in a number of important areas, to hopefully make your mind a bit clearer:

Energy efficiency

The U-value of a window represents the standard of thermal efficiency provided by it – the lower the U-value, the higher the level of thermal performance delivered. 

A standard UPVC triple glazed window, on average, has a U-value of 1.0 W/m²k. You therefore get 40% more thermal efficiency from it than a normal A-rated window. When you buy new windows from our EXTREME range, you receive A+ energy rated windows.  


You may have seen a window supplier advertising triple glazed windows with the promise that they will provide great soundproofing. But they can only do that when specified appropriately for that purpose, otherwise, they will make very little difference to the amount of external noise that invades your living space. 

Each of the three glass panes must have a different thickness, and the cavities between the panes must also be differently sized. 


After the installation of either new double glazed or triple glazed windows, your home should be far more secure. They have incredibly tough frames, and a host of secure mechanisms. One of them is a multi-point locking system that won’t budge without the correct key. 

The glass panes are also internally beaded. In simple terms, this means that it is impossible to remove them from the outside. Quite obviously, three panes of glass gives you an extra layer of protection against intrusion. 


In general, you will have to pay more for double glazed windows than triple glazed windows. Don’t be put off by that though. You can look forward to bigger energy savings with triple glazed windows, and it won’t take long to earn back your investment in them.

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