Creating The Feeling Of Cosiness In Your Home For Christmas

Creating The Feeling Of Cosiness In Your Home For Christmas

Christmas has crept up on us quickly and your home should be all ready and set up for the festivities. If you’re not quite yet in the spirit of things, a few mince pies and glasses of mulled wine should sort that.

Having a cosy feel to your house will also leave you full of festive fever and that doesn’t need to entail cranking up the heating.

No, your choice of decorations can create the necessary atmosphere…

Make a focal point out of your fireplace

The Christmas tree is the usual centrepiece of our decorations, but your fireplace could be one too and give off warmth without needing to be on.

In the wall area above the fireplace, hang up a Christmas wreath – that’s right, a wreath isn’t limited to front doors.

You could also cover the mantle of the fire with some foliage i.e. a garland, and then buy a neon sign with a message of ‘Happy Xmas’ or ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ to rest on it so that the fireplace cannot escape attention.

A Christmas-inspired fireplace

Use glass jars and bottles for fairy light displays

Avoid bright lights and go for more of a low glow around the house by making the most of any used glass jars and bottles and filling them with fairy lights.

To do so with a bottle, a small hole needs to be drilled in the base of it so that the fairy lights can be fed through. Can’t be bothered with that? Then just buy some pre-made bottles with fairy lights inside.

An energy-saving tip is to stick to using battery-powered fairy lights, rather than ones that need to be plugged in to work. They can be displayed around the house.

A glass bottle with fairy lights

Have festive family photos on show

We make so many lasting memories at Christmas and if you’ve ever taken pictures of all this festive fun, surround yourself with them.

Get some of your favourite snaps turned into personalised baubles for the tree or maybe into a couple of snow globes, and pick some polaroids for a picture decoration that you can hang up somewhere in full view.

You’ll draw so much comfort from these treasured images and it’ll give you a lovely, fuzzy feeling.

Polaroid pictures

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