Are Your Windows Failing To Beat The Winter Chill?

Early signs suggest that this winter will be a very chilly one as we’re only in the middle of November and temperatures are already below the usual average for this time of the year.

Triple Glazing

What you definitely don’t want is to feel bitterly cold when in your home across the winter months. But you’re likely to if your existing windows aren’t sufficiently insulating the property and responsible for excess draughts.

Carefully inspect your windows to see if draughts are an issue. If they are, make sure you prioritise the installation of energy efficient windows before the weather really takes a turn for the worse.

Supplied either double or triple glazed, and in a variety of modern and traditional styles, new energy efficient windows from Planet will put an end to draughts and help keep your house toasty.

Guaranteed home comfort is just one of several benefits of fitting energy efficient windows:

  1. More Secure

The threat of burglary rises by as much as 35% in the winter and how can you be confident that your home won’t be a thief’s next target? Your windows therefore need to be robust enough to repel the efforts of any potential break-in attempt.

Made using a tough UPVC and aluminium profile, we incorporate a multi-point locking mechanism into our energy efficient designs, and also internally bead the glass to prevent its removal from outside of the house.

  1. Cheaper Energy

Over the past decade, the cost of household fuel has risen dramatically.

Energy wastage will be minimised after the integration of new windows as the energy efficient glass will reflect back and preserve the warmth that comes out of your boiler.

This will significantly reduce the cost of your heating bills and help you recoup the cost of the investment into new windows.

  1. Less Noise

Do you get overly disturbed by external noise caused by traffic or pedestrians?

It will give you far less of a headache once we’ve put new windows into your house as decibel levels will be restricted due to the thick panes of glass and cavities within the window units.

You will be able to look forward to more tranquil home surrounds and be able to switch off in peace.


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