Are You Aware That ERG Has A 97% Customer Recommendation Rate?

We have an incredible amount of competition in our service areas and appreciate that customers could take their business to any one of them, ahead of ERG Scotland.

Modern Extension with Gass Frontage

But hardly any of these other home improvement specialists have our experience (over 40 years), nor do they have recognised industry accreditations to their name or offer a 20 year guarantee. 

It’s also doubtful they have a customer recommendation rate quite as good as ours. 

Presently, it stands at 97%, thanks to so many of our lovely customers going out of their way to sing our praises and laud our work. 

We get so much pleasure from reading the kind words people write in their letters and the customer satisfaction surveys we hand out. 

This feedback is crucial for our business direction as it gives us an indication of what we’re doing right and what we could improve on.

As with most things in life, there is always room for improvement and that’s what we strive for every single day. Until we hit that magical 100% mark, we won’t be content, and even then, we would still continue to try and get better. 

You won’t come across a more dedicated team of sales personnel and installers, who all love what they do and go all out to satisfy the needs of our customers. This hopefully comes across within a short time of you having any dealings with them. 

If you have friends or relatives who live closeby that have had new windows and doors or an extension fitted, pre-lockdown, chances are, we will have been the company responsible for installing them. But if it was some other company, we reckon there’s a strong possibility they will be aware of ERG Scotland and the exceptional work we do. 


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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