An Introduction To ERG’s Beautiful Cottage Windows

An Introduction To ERG’s Beautiful Cottage Windows

The summer weather really shows off the condition of the windows at your home. If you don’t like what you see when you look at them in the sunshine, now would be a great time to have them replaced.

Depending on your property’s style, a variety of window designs could make for an apt replacement, with one of them being our stylish cottage windows.

White UPVC Cottage Windows

Their design is based on a traditional cottage window, featuring many of the same characteristics, such as Georgian bars, and they can complement far more than just your cosy cottage, including most period and modern residences.

Georgian bars can be deceptive to those who don’t know about them, making some mistakenly think that the windows are made of little individual pieces of glass, when they’re just elegant decorative strips.

We craft these bars so that they are in perfect proportion with the necessary window sizes and can either incorporate them inside the sealed units or apply them on the outside of the glass.

In days past, a cottage window would be built using real timber and only come with a single glass pane, but we’ve modernised things.

Made with a UPVC profile and available double or triple glazed, our cottage windows can accomplish an A+ energy rating, which is well above the expected thermal efficiency standards for new windows. They’re so much more secure than old cottage windows too, coming with a multi-point locking system and many other fixings.

We have produced a colour palette specifically for the product, with Chartwell Green and Olive Grey just two of the possible finishes you can pick from.

Our subtle reinvention of the cottage window will charm you. If it charms you enough to want some for your home, just ask ERG Scotland for a FREE quote and we’ll price them up for you.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our showroom, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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