A Rundown On The Home Improvement Trends Of 2024

A Rundown On The Home Improvement Trends Of 2024

As we usher in a new year, we’re brimming with fresh hopes, enthusiasm, and motivation, and it’s only natural that some of these aspirations centre around our sanctuaries – our homes. The place where we find solace deserves a renewal.

Embarking on a home transformation journey can be truly cathartic, and what better time to embrace change than now? As we delve into 2024, there’s excitement around the trends and movements poised to make waves.

For those with a resolution to enhance their living spaces, join us as we explore the trends that are set to redefine homes in the coming year.

Introducing Sweet Embrace™ – Dulux’s Colour of the Year

In the wake of 2023’s Barbie-mania that captivated the world, it seems that the influence of this vibrant trend has seeped into Dulux’s choice for the Colour of the Year – Sweet Embrace™.

This year’s chosen shade is not the bold pink synonymous with the film’s protagonist, but rather a softer, muted blossom pink with delicate blue-grey undertones. Dulux sees Sweet Embrace™ as the antidote to the chaos of the world, a colour that brings calm and peacefulness to indoor living and work areas.

Whether you choose to drench an entire room in this soothing hue, opt for a standalone accent wall in the bedroom for a serene atmosphere, or incorporate small pops of this friendly pink in scatter cushions, rugs, and vases, ERG Scotland invites you to explore the versatile and comforting palette of Sweet Embrace™.

Dulux Colour of the Year - Sweet Embrace

Nostalgic Décor – Embracing the Retro Vibe

Take a step back in time as we rewind the clock to the 70s! The allure of a slower pace of life has sparked a revival in retro aesthetics, and it’s becoming a prominent trend.

Witness the return of carpets and wall coverings adorned with large geometric patterns, along with the resurgence of natural wood dressing tables, bureaus, lush velvet fabrics, and vintage wall tiles for living rooms. This nostalgic journey invites us to reconnect with our past, seeking solace and escape from the demands of today.

In this retro resurgence, cottage windows stand out as a complement to the aesthetic, boasting a quintessentially British design that encapsulates the charm of a beloved era and evokes memories of simpler times.

Retro decor

The Rise of Curvy Mirrors

Mirrors, a timeless trend, are taking on a new twist with the resurgence of curvy designs. Get ready to witness an abundance of these statement pieces adorning blank walls in hallways, lounges, and bathrooms.

Embrace the playful side of mirrors by opting for intriguing shapes that captivate the eye while also serving the practical purpose of bouncing natural light throughout your living spaces. It’s time to break free from the monotony of plain, rectangular mirrors!

Whether you prefer showcasing sizeable, standalone mirrors on prominent walls or creating an artful cluster of smaller mirrors, the world of curvy mirrors offers many possibilities for elevating your decor.

Curvy mirrors

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