How To Lift The Look Of Your Living Space With Colour

How to use colour to enhance your home

While it remains cold, you can begin to sense that spring is on the way as the days begin to get longer and we receive more natural light. 

Our homes feed off natural light, but in its absence you can brighten the feel of your house with colour, both inside and outside, which will also give it warmth and an inviting ambience. 

Need some expert advice on colour? ERG has you covered.

The inside of an oak coloured window

Colourful windows & doors

Never underestimate the power of colour. You may have experienced occasions when just the sight of a certain colour has given you a lift. It’s also known to give the feeling of space, and some colours are great for making a really bold statement. 

Let’s focus on your living room for a second. One of the simplest ways to add some colour to it would be by selecting a vibrant finish for your windows and doors, or maybe just update your existing window treatments, investing in patterned curtains or eye-catching blinds. 

We would avoid the colour white in winter and instead go for something warmer – how about a rue hue? Mahogany is a good option.

Colourful paint

If an item of furniture or area of your house is looking tired, a fresh lick of paint could make all the difference. Applying a paintbrush to a TV stand, cabinet or feature wall can instantly bring it back to life. 

Careful with your colour choice though. Try not to pick anything too brash or colours likely to clash – bright blue and bright yellow don’t tend to mix well, for example. 

Take a close look at the colour wheel and pick out colours that will complement. Normally, they will be adjacent on the wheel, as you will notice when you colours that are adjacent to shades like blue, green and cyan.

A bedroom area

Colourful accessories

Can’t make your mind up on colour? Why not experiment with colour in your home with some soft furnishings e.g. cushions, throws, blankets, rugs. 

Once you find a colour scheme that you’re happy with, you can then make some larger-scale changes to incorporate it fully.

When you download any of our product brochures, you will be able to see the various colour options for each item. Copies can be obtained here.


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