Want To Know What The Hottest Home Trends Of 2020 Are?

You should want to know about this year’s biggest home trends if you’re on a mission to make your home interior look exciting again as you don’t want to be making any unfashionable changes.

Traditional Sunroom Internal

The total opposite effect is what you want – a red-hot home interior that’s perfectly on-trend and earns nothing but plaudits from everyone that comes to visit.

Pinterest is always a good resource for current home décor ideas, but if you don’t have the time to be trawling through endless pages of pinning, ERG Scotland has its ear to the ground.

With some detailed research around the web, these are the 3 home décor trends we expect to be hottest in 2020:

  1. ‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’ are the colours of the year

Changing your current colour scheme can give your interior a totally different complexion. If you’re not sure what new colour scheme will be best, look no further than ‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’.

They were respectively named as ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2020 by Dulux and Pantone, and they know colour better than anyone.

‘Tranquil Dawn’ is a pale greyish green and said to be “inspired by the morning sky”.

It’s quite a soothing colour, so it would be serene shade for a peaceful bedroom – how does a Tranquil Dawn coloured double bed frame sound?

Described as “elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk”, ‘Classic Blue’ is a reflective blue tone.

Because of its intensity, may be don’t paint entire walls with Classic Blue and just stick to a few striking accents e.g. statement chair, throws, cushions.

  1. Sustainability

It’s time that we all made a concerted effort to put the welfare of the planet first, and that includes when undertaking a home makeover, which means being sustainable.

Avoiding the use of plastic wherever possible and incorporating recycled or upcycled items demonstrates sustainability.

If you’ve inherited an old sideboard, give it a good clean and touch up to bring it back to life, or put those vintage suitcases to use and fix them to the wall as a shelving solution.

There really is no end to what you can do to be eco-friendly – be as imaginative as you like.

  1. ‘Japandi’

The minimalist trend ‘Japandi’ is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles and all about simplicity. Offering clean lines, Japandi interiors will appeal to those who love an uncluttered space.

They have a muted colour palette – think light and pale greys, pinks and blues.

Buy into the Japandi lifestyle and add a plush grey corner sofa to your living area, along with a light wood table top with black table legs in the dining room.


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