How To Give Your Home A Fashionable Festive Touch This Christmas

It’s easy to be down in the dumps about Christmas not quite being the same this year, but you can still have an enormous amount of festive fun at home. 

Get lots of Zoom calls pencilled in for during the build-up to the big day to replace your cancelled Christmas parties, and of course, your house needs decorating. 

Arrange a decorating day for when everyone is free to help, and get the mince pies plated up to tuck into whilst you do it. 

Santa will be in for such a surprise when he comes on Christmas morning to a house decorated with fashionable festive features like these:

Upside-down Christmas tree

If you have an Instagram account, you may have seen some upside-down Christmas trees on your feed. This isn’t an error. It’s an actual ‘thing’ for 2020. 

Ariana Grande is one of those to have turned their tree the other way around, something that used to be done in the Middle Ages as a religious idea. 

You can buy one from many online retailers, the most fitting of them being Christmas Tree World.

Beautifully lit stairs

Lights are often put in windows at Christmas, and lanterns placed near front doors, but stairs are sometimes left bare. 

Show off your staircase to Santa with an all-natural garland, complete with fairy lights, illuminating the route upstairs from the top to the bottom of the bannister. Lights could also be wound around the various spindles.

You can get some cheap little Christmas boxes as well for sitting in the corner of the steps. 

A front door all wrapped up

It’s not just presents that need wrapping ahead of the 25th, but also your front door. 

It will make a refreshing change from the Christmas wreath and all it requires is some fabric, scissors, a heavy duty magnet, duct tape and a large bow. 

Take a tape measure to the door so you know what size to cut the fabric, and then wrap the door with it, taping it down. To hold the bow in place, use the heavy duty magnet.

If wrapping your front door fails to make it as visually appealing as it should be, get a new door from ERG Scotland. Click here for a door quote.


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