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It’s pretty rare for a householder to be 100% content with the house in which they live. There’s always room for improvement in some way and new potentials that have yet to be realised, and this applies whether you reside in the newest of new-builds or a property that’s stood for decades. 

Only you have the power to change things within your four walls and bring out the best of your home. You do it by being inventive with your imagination and employing a mix of DIY and TLC. 

You can though look around for ideas, which are readily given out by the various home design influencers there are online.

It’s from some of their insight that we have created our own ‘Homespiration’ for you:

Go open-plan

Scots are so enamoured with open-plan living that house builders are incorporating open-plan spaces into most of the properties they construct, often used as kitchen-diner-living spaces. 

Would you like to experience functional and interactive open-plan living in your current space? With some remodelling, you could establish an open-place space in your old Victorian terrace or semi-detached property.

Open-plan spaces have an atmosphere all of their own and provide superior practicality to anywhere else in a house. They also tend to be bright and spacious, as well as cosy and nicely private.

Create a window seat

Sharing a home with a number of people for an extended period of time can be overwhelming at certain points and it’s nice to have a break from it. 

You could go and get it in winter sitting on a comfy armchair next to your wood burning stove. In summer though, it’d be better to have a window seat you can take to. 

There will hopefully be one window in your house that has room underneath for a bench or trunk, one that can be covered in a padded base, onto which you can park your behind.

Use the time at the window seat to catch-up on a book, rifle through a magazine or simply look out at the world and take your mind to another place.

Introduce zoning in the garden

It’s becoming more and more likely that we will be forced to holiday at home this summer, but who said that’s a bad thing?

You can have the best time if you put your garden at the heart of your home holidaying plans. If your garden is quite big, you could split it up and allocate three main zones – zones for eating, playing and relaxing. 

We love to eat outdoors on our holidays, so dine out as much as you can in the eating area. With no beach to keep them occupied, do the next best thing and add the paddling pool to the playing area for the kids. And when it’s time for everyone to unwind, do that typical British thing and camp out in the relaxing area.

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